Christmas and New Year Closing

Please note that all of our collection centres and the Northland Pathology laboratory will be closed for the Christmas and New Year public holidays.

Pre-Departure COVID-19 PCR Testing for Flights Departing from New Zealand

Labtests perform COVID-19 PCR testing at their laboratory in Mount Wellington, Auckland.  Please note that samples received at Northland Pathology are couriered to Auckland, often overnight, consequently we advise travellers to arrange for testing in Auckland. Labtests endeavour to process samples for pre-departure testing (separate samples collected 48hours and then 24hours prior to departure)  on […]

Northland Logo Refresh

From 1st December you may notice that our website and facebook accounts have a refreshed logo. We have taken the opportunity to emphasise our proud New Zealand roots in our logo. The logo represents a petri dish with the map of New Zealand under a microscope. The image of New Zealand represents that we have […]

Lab Update – Swab supplies for COVID-19 testing

In this period of increased demand for swabs for COVID-19 testing, there may be a requirement to substitute the swabs that are currently supplied.  The following swabs may be supplied to GPs and medical practices when an order is placed with Labtests.  NASOPHARYNGEAL SWAB – flexible flock swab and VTM NOBLE BIO – Clinical Virus […]

COVID-19 Pre-departure – For Referrers

The Ministry of Health has advised laboratories and PHOs that COVID exit testing for repatriation to other countries pre-departure will not be funded by the NZ government from 22 June 2020. People registering for repatriation flights departing NZ will be made aware of any requirements around pre-departure testing by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and […]


Nurses can only order the tests listed below as per DHB guidelines, all other tests must be ordered by a Doctor. BIOCHEMISTRY (BLOOD/SERUM) AlbuminAmylaseAnti-EpileticsBicarbonateBilirubinCalciumChlorideCKCreatinineDigoxinEthanolFerritinFolate/Vit B12FSHGlucoseHba1cHCGIronLHLipidsLithiumLiver FunctionMagnesiumMicro AlbPhosphatePotassiumProlactinSodiumTheophyllineThyroxine (free)TIBCTotal ProteinTSHUreaUric Acid IMMUNOLOGY (BLOOD/SERUM) ASOCRPHbsAgHbs AntibodiesHIV ScreeningMantouxMonospot GFRotovirus AgRubells IGGRubella IGM HAEMOTOLOGY (BLOOD/SERUM) ABO NeonatesAPTTCoag ProfileCoombs TestESRFibrinogenFull Blood CountINRMalaria/filarialPTRhesus Titre MICROBIOLOGY  AspiratesBlood CultureEnteric pathogensFaecal Fat QuantFaecal Reduce […]

Electronic Lab Orders

Electronic lab orders accessed directly from your practice management system is available for Northland Pathology requests.  eOrders are sent direct to the laboratory system, improving accuracy and providing your clinical team with real-time information about your requests. For more information visit www.eorder.co.nz