COVID-19 Pre-departure – For Referrers

The Ministry of Health has advised laboratories and PHOs that COVID exit testing for repatriation to other countries pre-departure will not be funded by the NZ government from 22 June 2020. People registering for repatriation flights departing NZ will be made aware of any requirements around pre-departure testing by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and […]


Nurses can only order the tests listed below as per DHB guidelines, all other tests must be ordered by a Doctor. BIOCHEMISTRY (BLOOD/SERUM) AlbuminAmylaseAnti-EpileticsBicarbonateBilirubinCalciumChlorideCKCreatinineDigoxinEthanolFerritinFolate/Vit B12FSHGlucoseHba1cHCGIronLHLipidsLithiumLiver FunctionMagnesiumMicro AlbPhosphatePotassiumProlactinSodiumTheophyllineThyroxine (free)TIBCTotal ProteinTSHUreaUric Acid IMMUNOLOGY (BLOOD/SERUM) ASOCRPHbsAgHbs AntibodiesHIV ScreeningMantouxMonospot GFRotovirus AgRubells IGGRubella IGM HAEMOTOLOGY (BLOOD/SERUM) ABO NeonatesAPTTCoag ProfileCoombs TestESRFibrinogenFull Blood CountINRMalaria/filarialPTRhesus Titre MICROBIOLOGY  AspiratesBlood CultureEnteric pathogensFaecal Fat QuantFaecal Reduce […]

Electronic Lab Orders

Electronic lab orders accessed directly from your practice management system is available for Northland Pathology requests.  eOrders are sent direct to the laboratory system, improving accuracy and providing your clinical team with real-time information about your requests. For more information visit www.eorder.co.nz