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Self Requested Testing Information

Am I able to request tests on myself?

Yes, for a defined range of tests you are able to self-request if you are aged 16 years or over. For any medical advice regarding these tests, please consult your health provider. You can self-request tests electronically or via a request form at Labtests Collection Centres.  

How will I get my results?

We will email your results to you if an email address is provided on the Self Requested Test request form. Results sent by email are password protected – we will provide a copy of the completed request form with a request barcode number. Use the barcode number to the open the file emailed to you.

You will receive your emailed results 3 working days after the completion of all testing.

We can mail your results to your nominated address if no email address is provided (allow 7 working days after the completion of testing) or you can collect your results from 24 Rust Avenue Whangarei 0110 with photo ID to get a paper copy of their results.

Will my Healthcare Provider receive a cope of the results? 

No, but we may seek your authorisation to do so if your results are abnormal.

How do I pay?

Payment must be made at the time of specimen collection. Payment can be made by EFTPOS or Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard).

What tests are available?

The tests included on the Self Requested Tests request form are available (see below). The following tests are not available:

  • HIV
  • Genetic and paternity tests
  • Cytology
  • Histology
How do I make a request?

Self Requested Test request forms are available at Northland Pathology Services Collection Centres. You need to complete your details on the form and sign and date the declaration. Payment must be made and then the specimens are collected and sent to the laboratory for testing.

You can self-request tests electronically or via a request form at Northland Pathology Services Collection Centres.

How will I know what the results mean?

You need to consult your healthcare provider if you require interpretive advice.


Medical test results should not be interpreted in isolation but in conjunction with any clinical signs and symptoms a person may also have – your registered healthcare provider has specific training and experience in this. Northland Pathology Services do not provide any interpretation services for results on self requested tests. We strongly advise you to consult your healthcare provider about interpretation of the results. Northland Pathology Services has no responsibility for the ongoing security of your results once they are sent.

The following tests are available for self requesting:

Test DescriptionPrice Incl GST Test DescriptionPrice Incl GST 
Potassium$10.00 Complete Blood Count$27.50
PSA$17.00 Prothrombin Ratio (INR)$25.50
Vit B12 and Folate$23.00 Blood Group$22.00
Zinc Blood$40.00 MICROBIOLOGY 
Vitamin D$53.50 Parasites (per sample)$112.50
Vitamin B6 / Pyridoxine$107.00 Urinary Tract Infection$30.00
Mercury (Urine)$75.00 MRSA Screen (per swab)$34.50
Iodine – casual urine$75.00 Fungal Culture$75.00
Free Cortisol – 24 hr Urine$37.50 Faeces Micro/Culture – Giardia and/or Cryptosporidium, Faecal Parasites$109.50
Thyroid Functions$14.50 IMMUNOLOGY 
Testosterone only$29.00 Varicella Zoster IgG$34.50
Selenium$50.00 Rubella Antibodies$27.00
Red Cell Magnesium$40.00 Quantiferon TB Gold$84.00
Prolactin$32.00 Mumps IgG$34.50
Progesterone$27.50 Measles IgG$34.50
Oestradiol$25.50 Hepatitis C Serology$25.50
Urine Albumin / Creatinine ratio$37.50 Hepatitis B Antigen$23.50
Mercury Blood$75.00 Hepatitis B Antibody$23.50
Luteinising Hormone$14.50 Hepatitis A IgG$23.50
Liver Function Test$50.00 Coeliac Screen$42.50
Lipid Profile including Cholesterol$37.50 Admin/Bleeding Fee$13.50
Iron and Ferritin (Iron Binding Capacity/Transferrin included)$19.50 Send-away Fee$24.00
Insulin Growth Factor Binding Protein$214.00
Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1)$47.50
Insulin (Fasting)$42.00
Pregnancy Test (HCG)$28.50
Glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c)$31.50
Free Testosterone (includes Testosterone)$77.00
Follicle Stimulating Hormone$24.00
DHEAS (Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulphate)$70.00
Creatinine Serum$8.00
C-Reactive Protein$16.50
Cortisol Binding Globulin$45.00
Coenzyme Q10$122.00
Cholesterol only$10.50
Apolipoprotein E Genotype$222.50
Urate (Uric Acid)$11.50

Date: 1st July 2019