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Midwives can only request the following list of tests at Northland Pathology 

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Antenatal First Visit (FBC, HBa1c,Group, Antibodies,HBsAg,Rubella,RPR) Hepatitis B Antigen
Antenatal Subsequent Visit(FBC and Antibodies Only)Hepatitis C Antibody
ABO GroupHerpes Simplex Direct Antigen
Bilirubin, Total HIV Antibody Screen
Cervix (Gynae- Cytology)Liver Tests
Cervical SwabNose Swab
ChlamydiaPolycose Screen
Coagulation ScreenQuantitative Gonadotrophin(HCG)
Direct Coombs (Anti Human Globulin Test)Rubella Immunity
Ear SwabSkin Swab
Eye SwabThroat Swab
FerritinUrine Microscopy & Culture
Folate Red Cell (Not tested now) Urine Protein (24 Hr)
Full Blood CountUrethral Swab
GlucoseVaginal Swab
Glucose Tolerance TestVDRL(RPR)
HBA1CWound Swab