For Referrers

Specialist Only Test

The following is a list of tests for which DHB funding is only provided after vetting by referral Laboratory Pathologists.

Referrers need to ensure that sufficient clinical details are provided to allow proper vetting by Labplus Pathologists.

When the test is not DHB funded, please indicate this on the referral form and ensure that the patient is aware of the costs related to this test. See the table below for prices. Payment is required when samples are collected or delivered to Northland Pathology Laboratory. In addition to these prices there will be a collection fee added.

Apolipoprotein E Genotype $254.00
Copper (Plasma)$66.00
Cortisol (24hr Urine) $63.50 
Cortisol Binding Globulin$70.50
Free Testosterone$79.00
Iodine (Casual Urine)$102.00
Insulin (Fasting)$43.00
Lipoprotein (a)$45.00
Mercury (Blood)$102.00
Mercury (Urine)$102.00
Polio Serology$126.50
Q10 Coenzyme$150.50
Red Cell Magnesium$66.00
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)To LPL only 
Vitamin B6 (Light Protected)$135.00
Vitamin D$55.00
Zinc (Plasma)$66.00
Zinc (Urine)$65.50
As of July 2020